Influenza Deja Vu

Influenza Deja Vu

The current outbreak of a new strain of influenza is important but blown out of proportion. This is clearly a new strain of influenza to which we have no immunity. So many people are likely to get ill. However these types of outbreaks are not entirely without precedent. We have learned a lot from past experience and the world health surveillance is very sophisticated. One look at CNN and it’s clear that we live in a global community with virtually instant messaging and a very rapid news cycle.

The facts are that it is definitely a new strain of type A influenza. Much like the usual seasonal flu, many people are bound to get ill. The overwhelming majority are going to experience mild illnesses that require nothing more than the basic, but nonetheless important, measures to treat and recover fully. The terms pandemic only refer to the spread of the illness over a wide area but do not mean the illness is any more severe than any other flu. Much has been publicized about the deaths but those numbers are constantly being revised and still represent only a small proportion of the vast numbers who are getting ill. Even the most expert public health and infectious disease experts have de-emphasized the daily case count and concentrate on the characteristics of the illness and how it is spread. Understanding that this is “just the flu” is important to have a sensible approach to preventing and managing the illness. There is a reasonable chance that this outbreak will die out shortly but return next season in the fall and winter. Active isolation and production of a vaccine for next fall is underway. We may see the need to recommend two different shots next fall to cover the usual season flu as well as the new strain. For now don’t be alarmed and focus on the basics that you can easily do to help yourself and your family.

There are a number of things that you can do to help yourself. They are simple and basic. In reality this outbreak is no different than other flu-like illnesses. Stay home and rest. Conserving your limited energy helps speed recuperation and it keeps from spreading the disease to the rest of the community. Drinking plenty of fluids especially water and other clear liquids. You need lots of water. Fever control is best with good hydration and use of over the counter anti-inflammatories. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) are great tools for this.

There are some prescription drugs, Relenza or Tamiflu, that approved for use with the flu. However they must be started with the first 48 hours of onset of your symptoms. They may shorten the duration of illness by only one day but it can help with comfort from the aches, pains, and fever.

Prevention is your best choice! Some simple measures may help you weather the storm if you are unfortunate enough to get the flu. If you do get sick, consult your health care provider if you have an earache, facial pain over the sinus area, colorful mucus, shortness of breath, temperature higher than 102, or simply on a worsening trend. These may be signs of a secondary bacterial infection or other complication. As always hand washing, covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, play an important role in helping yourself and the people around you.

Sometimes life can be a pain; finding a doctor shouldn’t be!

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Fitness Course

Fitness Course

If you are the kind of person who loves being fit it is quite possible that you would excel at a career in the fitness industry. But what do you need to start up such a career? Nothing can be done these days without the proper certification. Not only will taking a fitness course train you how to start up your own business in the fitness industry, having the correct certification will protect you from making mistakes that could result in litigation.

Taking a fitness course could well change your life. Starting up your own fitness business means that you can never be fired from your job because you are the boss. Commitment and motivation are required by anyone looking to start up their own business no matter what industry it is in, but the rewards make it all worthwhile. Helping other people to become healthy and fit the way nature intended them to be is one of the best rewards.

To take a fitness course you need to be not only really interested in being fit, but you do need to have a level of fitness that many other people don’t have in this day and age. Jobs and careers that require a great deal of sitting around at a desk will not make a person fit. But it still makes them tired and then they are too tired to go out afterward and do exercise. And of course, the less fit they become, the more tired they remain, so it’s a vicious circle.

You can be the one to help them onto the fitness pathway. When you do this, you are actually helping each person to potentially live a longer, more rewarding life. Remember, anything that is worthwhile doing takes a bit of effort, but once you get started it becomes much easier. Taking that fitness course may be the best thing you ever did.

for more information about a career in the fitness industry click here:

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Digestion of Sludge – How to Improve Digestion in Wastewater Treatment

Digestion of Sludge – How to Improve Digestion in Wastewater Treatment

(a) Alkalinity: An alkaline range pH value of 7.2 or 7.4 is desirable especially when raw sludge has to be added daily, which, on undergoing the first and second stage of digestion, would cause lot of acidity which might interfere with the digestion of sludge.

The acidity increases with the overdosing of raw sludge, over withdrawal of digested sludge and with the sudden admission of industrial wastes into the digestion tanks. The remedy in such cases is to add hydrated lime in doses of 2.25 – 4.50 kg per 1,000 persons. The amount of raw sludge to be added daily, for the maintenance of the optimum value of pH, should be 3 to 4 per cent by weight of the digested sludge.

(b) Seeding: Seeding is the inoculation of the fresh sludge with the previously well-digested sludge under controlled conditions of temperature during the sludge digestion process. Proper seeding results in balanced conditions of reaction or what is called ripening of sludge, the gas bubbles from the decomposing sludge at the bottom of the tank carrying entrapped sludge particles to the surface where they get mixed up with the decomposable particles of fresh sludge. Gases escape while the decomposed sludge particles are carried back to the bottom. In this way, mass of sludge is kept in circulation and bacteria in sludge get every opportunity of attacking the incoming fresh sludge thus repeating the process of digestion of sludge.

Seeding is, therefore, an important requirement for the successful operation of the process of digestion. This is very much assisted through the process of stirring or recirculation. Some tanks are provided with power-driven mechanical mixing devices while others have an arrangement of recirculation of the tank contents by pumping or agitation set up by the gas evolved.

Stirring also helps in transmitting heat from the heating coils to the tank-contents, where it is required to heat up the tank, as in cold countries, to maintain optimum temperature for the digestion process.

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Gastrointestinal Metabolic Surgery Used To Treat Diabetes In Obesity Cases

Gastrointestinal Metabolic Surgery Used To Treat Diabetes In Obesity Cases
Dr. Marco Sariana, Endoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon in Mexicali Mexico, performs a variety of obesity weight loss surgery to aid long-term weight loss treatments. He is an accomplished gastric bypass surgeon with significant experience in gastric band surgery, gastric bypass surgery, mini gastric bypass surgery, and gastric sleeve surgery. Dr Sariana also specializes in metabolic disease processes such as diabetes.

Dr. Sariana is also experienced and trained in gastrointestinal and is familiar with the metabolic surgery studies and treatments offered by Cornell Medical Center in New York in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. A variety of metabolic conditions may be linked to high cholesterol, certain types of liver disease, and hypertension. Recent studies and research into the field of gastrointestinal metabolic surgery has determined that the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and small intestine mechanisms regulate body weight, appetite, the metabolism of fat in the body, as well as blood sugar levels.

Surgery to Treat Diabetes
Today, surgical procedures used to treat morbid obesity, such as gastric bypass, often have a positive effect on metabolic disorders such as diabetes. In some cases, patients who have undergone gastric or bariatric surgeries find that blood glucose levels have normalized, and some are even able to discontinue the use of insulin. Therefore, metabolic surgery is now a viable alternative option for the treatment of diabetes in individuals considered morbidly obese.

Bariatric surgical procedures such as those performed by Dr. Sariana at the Mexicali Obesity Surgery center offer individualized plans in the treatment of obesity and related conditions such as diabetes, in addition to increasing and enhancing life expectancy and quality of life for morbidly obese patients.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, and other minimally invasive bariatric surgery techniques provide obese as well as patients diagnosed with metabolic disorders the opportunity to reduce medical complications of such conditions, resume normal daily activities, and restore quality of life.

The Washington Post reported in an article on May 4, 2008 that an individual who required three insulin injections as well as oral pills daily in addition to a severely restricted diet underwent gastric bypass bariatric surgery in the hopes of bringing his diabetes under control. Following the surgery, his blood sugar levels had returned to normal and he was able to stop taking all medications.

Of course, individual cases experience different outcomes, but the technology to treat some forms of diabetes as well as obesity are available, and Mexicali Obesity Surgery, through the expertise of Dr. Sariana, is also able to offer such hope to international patients seeking his services.

In the United States alone, nearly one hundred million adults are considered overweight or obese, which increases the risk of metabolic diseases and conditions including diabetes, respiratory problems, hypertension, stroke, and cancer. For many, diet and exercise does not produce hoped for results. The National Institutes Of Health report that nearly 90% of individuals who engage in weight loss programs and dieting don’t lose significant amounts of weight or are able to sustain such weight loss.

“At our center, we specialize in gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and Intragastric balloon procedures,” says Dr. Sariana. “Mexicali Obesity Solutions offers new and minimally invasive surgical techniques as well as post-op dietary planning for weight loss surgery patients.”

An article published in Diabetes Care, Volume 31, Supplement 2, dated February 2008 and written by Dr. Francisco Rubino, MD, section of Gastrointestinal Metabolic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Weill Medical College of Cornell University – New York Presbyterian Hospital, states, “It is reasonable to assume that significant anatomical rearrangements of the gastrointestinal tract may cause changes in energy and glucose homeostasis, which eventually influences diabetes.”

Dr. Sariana and Mexicali Obesity Surgery continue to offer a variety of gastrointestinal bariatric surgical procedures to treat the overweight and obese, with remarkable and positive results. Located in Mexicali, Mexico, Dr. Sariana and his staff offer international travelers affordable, quality, and effective obesity and weight loss solutions, procedures and techniques that provide hope and improved quality of life to hundreds who have passed through their doors.

Dr. Marco Sarinana, Endoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon in Mexicali, Gastric Bypass Surgery Mexico, perform a variety of obesity weight loss surgery to aid long-term weight loss treatments. He is an accomplished gastric bypass surgeon with significant experience in, Gastric Band Surgery, gastric bypass surgery, mini gastric bypass surgery, and gastric sleeve surgery.

Thanks for everything, I’m so glad that I spoke to you and found such a Wonderful Obesity/Bariatric Surgery Treatment. If you need to visit this hospital then feel free here: 1.303.578.0719,

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The Truth About Health Benefits of Tea – Healthy Drink

The Truth About Health Benefits of Tea – Healthy Drink

You may have noticed the various health tea products on the internet in recent times, and wondered just what, exactly; a tea can do for you? You may even be wondering whether the term health benefits of tea means anything at all, or whether it’s just another way to part you and your money. Of course, the answer depends on the exact preparation you are talking about, but even conventional teas offer significant health benefits. Have a look at these surprising facts:

Green tea, also known as Chinese tea, and most certainly a healthy drink, has been shown to help prevent, and slow, certain forms of cancer, including prostate and breast cancer, thanks to its unique anti oxidants. White tea, another much lauded tea, from the same plant as green, and ordinary black tea, has since been proven to be more effective in fighting cancer than even it’s better known cousin, which certainly makes it another healthy drink.
By increasing a natural process called thermogenesis, which simply means the rate at which calories are burned, green tea, which is definitely a health tea, increases the metabolic rate, and speeds up weight loss.
Tea, whether black or green, boosts immune function, which was proven during a study where two groups, one drinking tea, and one coffee, had their blood tested. The tea drinkers’ blood tested higher for disease fighting T-cells, all important to our immune function. So not only is it health tea, its immune booster tea too! li>Reduction in stress is another proven effect of green tea, probably the ultimate health tea out there. By reducing stress hormones, the production of cortisol, and reducing the likelihood of clotting, tea effectively prevents stress levels from rising, and reduces the risk of heart attack, so common among stress sufferers.
Green tea fights bacteria and viruses, but this ultimate health tea has also shown itself to be effective against snake bite venom! Amazingly, a compound in the tea is effective in treating a number of different types of snake bites, and an extract made from this compound is used to treat bites, particularly when the snake species is unknown.
Last on our list, but certainly not least, a study at UCLA has proven that tea drinkers, whether black or green is their preferred health tea, are less at risk than those who don’t drink tea.

With all these and more benefits in black, green and white tea, it becomes clear that the term health tea applies not only to the newer types of super tea out there, but the more common varieties as well. And with so many benefits from the humble tea leaf, would it not also be fair to say that all tea is health tea? Of course, there are many other specific health teas out there, with varying claims and efficacy, however, if ordinary, run of the mill tea can do so much, and more, is it not entirely plausible that there are more health teas out there, that can do other amazing things for you?

You may want to check out other info about health tea, please visit Natural Remedies site only here.

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Medications Blood Pressure

Medications Blood Pressure
Now days there are many things to maintain blood pressure. Simply say every morning in each house there is a war between parents and the children. Especially, moms due to hypertension boost their blood pressure. In order to reduce blood pressure there is a blood pressure medication and with the help of medications blood pressure can be maintain. But if we have intake herbals daily, it simply maintain our body . There are some herbal tablets available that are very good for blood pressure medication.
Blood pressure leads to many problems in body and diseases like Stroke, kidney failure, heart diseases or heart attacks are the major problems. In order to avoid blood pressure we have to maintain our blood pressure in normal , otherwise our heart will damage. In old age there is a need to eat lot of fruits and vegetables or medicines as well for blood pressure medication.
With the help of proper medication diseases like high blood pressure can be avoided. Herbal medicines are also becoming popular or ALISTROL is an example of herbal medicine. Alistrol is a natural herbal supplement to reduce high blood pressure. It not only reduces high blood pressure but also reduce cholesterol and fats which contributes to heart diseases.
Some uses to take herbal heart tonics:
1. In herbal medicines there are no side effects.
2.The ingredients in herbal tonics regulate our blood vessels that helps the heart.
ALISTROL is the first and only one natural herbal supplement in the internet blood pressure medication. It includes four herbal ingredients that have been used in centuries in Chinese medicines and in Indian Ayurvedics medicines.
Ingredients in ALISTROL are
1.Holly leaf extract that is used as a tea in China and it helps blood vessels to enhance blood circulation good blood flow to the heart.
2.Daikon seed extract that contributes to maintaining cardiovascular health and helps to support healthy blood pressure.
3.Hawthorn berry extract that helps to improve the supply of blood to the heart and also help to support the metabolism of the heart.
4. Garlic extract that helps to prevent from the heart diseases. High blood pressure and cholesterol are controlled by Garlic.
We must take blood pressure medication to avoid high blood pressure. It may be walking or some floor exercises daily. But once the high blood pressure is enter in our life then it is must to take blood pressure medication .
Proper blood pressure medication can maintain your blood pressure in one month a good result can be observe after one month of appropriate blood pressure medication. Millions of people in the world use Alistrol natural herbal supplement. It is very easy to save 120 tablets inside one bottle and if you take it regularly then you can reduce your high blood pressure and your daily life can be calm or after few months your health is good enough.
In blood pressure medication ALISTROL is a milestone. If you want to build good health you must take herbal tonics which helps your heart to remain healthy. Heart is main part in our body. So improve the blood circulations we have to use ALISTROL. Learn more about in

We must take blood pressure medication to avoid high blood pressure. It may be walking or some floor exercises daily. But once the high blood pressure is enter in our life then it is must to take blood pressure medication .

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Gastric Problem | How to Stop Gastric Problem

Gastric Problem | How to Stop Gastric Problem

Gastric sleeving is a form of weight loss surgery which is gaining momentum. The complete name for the procedure is Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy but it is widely known by the more common term “gastric sleeve” or “sleeve gastrectomy”. They all describe the same procedure.


Promoters of the procedure boast several specific advantages over other types of laparoscopic weight loss surgery. They will tell you that, unlike “lap-band” surgery, gastric sleeving does not include implanting a foreign object in your body, which also means that there is no need for later adjustment or filling after surgery. This means less followup medical visits and therefore, greater personal convenience and getting back to normal life much faster.


But is it all it’s cracked up to be?


First, let’s understand exactly what is involved and then discuss the implications. The procedure involves two things. The first is a significant reduction in the size of the stomach, while the second involves reducing the hormones that create a craving for food. The small intestine is unaltered, so digestion and absorption of nutrients is unhindered. However, your stomach normally has approximately a one litre capacity but this surgery can reduce that to about 100ml.


The impact on your eating habits could be quite significant. For example, if you once drunk from a normal size cup, you may have to purchase much smaller ones, because you may not be able to drink a whole cup. Your meal sizes may also diminish to almost a tenth of what you have been used to. That could amount to only a very small portion on a dinner plate.


The Causes Of Stomach Gas Pain


a) People with stomach gas problems will often feel exasperated by the absence of explanation for their condition. Most of us know that flatulence – including painful flatulence – can be caused by dietary factors, but if we are unable to trace a dietary cause for our problems it is understandable that people will begin to wonder what is causing them. Sometimes it is nothing to do with our diet per se – although diet will always play a part, whether primary or secondary – and is traceable to other issues that we had not considered. It is worth looking at your lifestyle in a more general sense if you find that stomach gas is posing problems for you.


Find powerful herbal remedies

Home Remedies For Acidity


b) You should initially look at dietary factors for gas trouble. Although there are other potential causes, it would be a mistake to rule out diet from the start. Flatulence is caused by your digestive system breaking food down in order to take the nutrients from it, and therefore problem flatulence will usually be linked to the food in some way. If your diet is free from processed foods, beans, and flatulence causing vegetables of other kinds, then it may be that something else is the source of the problem. Consider the other factors in such problems too.


Indigestion is the most often pronounced ailment of modern times branching out into varied abdominal diseases. The most common one would be Gastritis. To research into the symptoms of this ailment would be acid reflux or heartburn, pain in the abdomen, excessive burping, puking or vomiting, nausea and difficulty in releasing gas.


The causes that underlie this ailment could be fast eating without good chewing, heavy meals, and excessive intake of alcohol, stress, anxiety and intake of strong drugs. Is there no definite cure to curb this problematic aliment that ties your tongue into not venturing into the dishes that it would like to savor?. No other way out other than scurrying to your physician?. Here are some useful tips that help you encounter your problem better.

Home Remedies For Indigestion
Home Remedies and also more read on

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Treating Dog Ear Infections

Treating Dog Ear Infections

Ear infections are common in dogs. There are three types of ear infections in dogs: inner ear, middle ear, and outer ear infections.

Ear infections can occur as a result of a bacterial infection, fungi, food allergies, after getting water in the ear during a bath, and improper hygiene. The symptoms of an ear infection are easy to spot: redness around and inside the ear, inflammation and foul-smelling wax discharge. The dog that has an ear infection will constantly shake his head and scratch his ear. The more difficult types of ear infection to treat are the inner and middle-ear infections. In these cases, you usually need to take your dog to the veterinarian to be prescribed antibiotics or ear drops.

The outer ear infection can be treated at home by cleansing and drying the ear with a solution that can be bought at your local pet store. You can even use natural products like tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil which are great for treating the outer ear infection commonly known as a “hot spot”. Tea tree oil has antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties and will speed up the healing process by slowly drying out the infected area. Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic qualities. Both of these oils also tend to have strong fragrances so it may take a while for your dog to get used to them. Apply one of these oils 2 to 3 times a day for 3-4 days using a cotton ball (do not use Q-tips or cotton swabs as this may cause even more harm) and you should start seeing an improvement. If there is no improvement, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.

Dogs with long floppy ears (e.g. Cocker Spaniel and Basset Hound) tend to get ear infections more easily because of their ears either touching the ground or getting in contact with food and water/moisture. They can have small hairs growing in their ears that need to be removed since they attract moisture and prevent air circulation even more. If not groomed properly by a professional groomer, it could lead to an infection. Also, the air circulation can be restricted in the ears of such dogs which can cause a fungal infection. Such dogs should be groomed regularly and their ears should be cleaned and inspected on a weekly basis. Take the time to check your dog’s ears and prevent any problems in the future which can cause discomfort to your dog.

If you would like to find puppies from a purebred dog breeder in your area or post puppies for sale ads, visit our Purebred Dog Breeders Community. Responsible breeders are welcomed to join us, and showcase their healthy, sound dogs that reflect their proper breed standard.

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The Five Taboo Things to Women’s Health




Possessing a health body is the capital of human; it is particular that women’s health should not be neglected, because female’ body in general are weak than men’s. This is a question women should pay attention to. In order to keep a healthy body, women should get an acquaintance about the basic healthy knowledge. There are 8 taboo things listed below:

Avoid drinking thick tea. Most professional women have the habit of drinking tea, for tea can remove fatigue, refreshing mind, enhancing working efficiency. Although tea has so many merits, it can also do harm to our body. Too many theophyline can stimulate gastric acid secretion, which is a main factor can cause gastric ulcer. Therefore, when drink tea, you should add small amount of milk and sugar in it.

Avoid smoking. Currently, many women deem smoking as a stylish thing. In fact, smoking does lots of harm to women. The statistics shows that the rate of heart disease smoking women gets are 10 times higher than those women who are not smoking, and young women who are smoking can inhabit the circulation of blood, accelerate the aging.

Avoid drink too much alcohol. Come along with smoking, some women see drinking as a stylish behavior that modern women should have. Actually, drinking too much alcohol will damage the nervous system. It is such a dangerous behavior, we should avoid.

Avoid losing weight blindly. Everyone love to be beautiful especially women. So we can see so many advertisements fill with every media. Some women have tired thousands of methods to lose weight. Those women, who want to lose weight, are on diet desperately. The only results they get are a weak body.

Avoid of working overload. With the increasing competition of work, the pace of some profession women’s work becomes more and more heavy.  Therefore, those women would always keep nervous about their career. Their mental and physical states will become very weak, because of the excessive pressure. If they don’t pay attention to this, their central nervous system will keep in a nervous state; this will result in variety of physical and psychological disease. Therefore, profession women should ease their body and soul; arrange their work and life appropriately.

Find mens Timberland roll top boots, womens Timberland hiking boots or kids Timberland field boots in Timberland online store for outside activities, where could take you the most comfortable feeling and to enjoy good time.

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Can A Dermatology Clinic Help Me With Skin Lesions Or Melanoma?


Can A Dermatology Clinic Help Me With Skin Lesions Or Melanoma?
Can a professional dermatology clinic help me with skin lesions or melanoma? Of course it can, you just need to find a quality practitioner first. Colorado Springs dermatology clinics offer a variety of procedures, including the removal of moles, skin tags and even cancerous growths. Here are a series of great tips to help you seek out the most competent providers.

What is Melanoma? How do I know if I have it?

Melanoma is a cancerous tumor which grows primarily on the skin. It appears in roughly sixty thousand new cases every year and is found mostly, but not only, in Caucasian males and occurs more often among people living in sunny climates or who regularly use tanning salons.

Melanoma usually presents itself as a change to the size and color of one of your moles. It may also start to itch, ulcerate or bleed. Along with this physical change you may also notice symptoms like nausea, fatigue or loss of appetite.

What causes Melanoma? How is it treated?

Heredity is the primary cause of melanoma. Skin mutations that cause melanoma can be a chromosomal symptom based on the genetic patterns of an individual. Another contributing factor to melanoma is overexposure to ultraviolet rays, either from the sun or a tanning bed.

Treatment of melanoma usually requires the surgical removal of the cancerous growth. Time is a major factor in the ability to keep melanoma under control and the earlier a tumor is caught and removed, the better.

Melanomas which are farther along may have to be treated by immunotherapy, chemotherapy or possibly even radiation therapy. In some cases, gene or cell therapies have been prescribed.

What is a Skin Lesion? How can it be treated?

Skin lesion is a generic term to indicate almost any kind of skin bump. This can include moles, cysts, freckles, port wine birthmarks, rashes, insect bites, tattoos and blisters. Dependent on the type of skin lesion removal and treatment ranges from nothing to major corrective surgery.

Again, dependent on your type, a skin lesion may first be biopsied, where a small portion is removed and tested for cancer. After that, the skin lesion may be removed by excision, with a scalpel; destruction, with cryosurgery or electrosurgery; or by use of lasers. For microscopic removal a dermatologist may use a procedure called Mohs surgery, where tiny bits of skin are removed and examined to be certain the end of the growth has been found. Mohs surgery usually takes a number of individual removal attempts. The practitioner will only end the session once the examination shows that the entire growth has been completely removed.

A Colorado Springs dermatology clinic will likely have the treatment available for the removal of lesions and melanoma.

Do you live in Colorado Springs, CO? Get your FREE consumer’s report, “How to Find a Great Dermatologist in Colorado Springs” and get the facts. Go to to claim your free guide written specifically for Colorado Springs residents. Don’t risk your health, visit now!

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